Be. Do. Have.

There comes a time when you realize that no matter how much you “do”, you can’t seem to get ahead.  You’re tired, you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, you get overwhelmed…  And yet, it still seems like there’s a barrier in front of you.  You can’t seem to make more money, you can’t seem to find the time to relax or enjoy yourself, you can’t seem to accomplish “enough”.

So what if I told you that the reason you are experiencing these things is that you have only mastered the art of “doing”, but not yet the art of “Being”?  Would you look at me and say, “Hu?”  If so, that’s okay.  That was my reaction the first time I heard about this, too.

The basic premise is that before you “do”, you should first “Be”.  What does that mean?  The short version explains that States of Being are what actually determine what is allowed to show up in your life.  They are the context, and what shows up in your life is the content.  With that, if your context is that of a desert, then you are not going to find tropical plants as the content.

By first identifying what State(s) of Being you want to choose, you can greatly alter what is then allowed to show up in your life.  Kind of like moving yourself out of that desert and into a rich, fertile, and lush tropical landscape.  So what are some examples of States of Being?  A short list would include: Abundance, Peace, Joy, Love, Anger, Lack, Immobility, Freedom, Acceptance, and Surrender.

When you identify which States of Being you choose, get present to them, feel them throughout you, envision the sensations, thoughts, feelings, and emotions that would encompass you, until you start to actually resonate in that space.  Once you’re there, Being it, then you move forth and do what it is you are going to do.

Try one out.  Sit with it.  Feel it.  Then go do something you had set out to do with your day with that context still enveloping you.  Notice how you feel while you are now doing that thing, notice your thoughts about it, your physical sensations, your feelings toward doing it.  Have they shifted?  I guarantee they have.

Or did you find yourself experiencing the same old emotions and thoughts of frustration and overwhelmingness?  If so, guess what?  It is because you decided to choose a State of Being that allows for those to show up!  We all have go-to States of Being, and your job now is to retrain yourself on which ones you fall back on… If you’re used to choosing Anger, Lack, and Immobility, then no wonder you feel overwhelmed all the time and like you never have enough time to get it all done!

When you practice awareness toward your States of Being, and consciously Choose which ones you want to experience, you will be amazed at how much opens up in your life.  You will begin to notice that the more successful you become at exercising Choice as a means to States of Being, the more synchronous events will begin to occur…  And that will be your feedback that let’s you know you are succeeding.

For a more in depth look at how these concepts work based on scientific research in the fields of Physics and Neuroscience, subscribe to this blog for updates on my upcoming book, “Be. Do. Have.  A Crash Course in Reality and Creating the Life You Choose”, soon to be available on Amazon.

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