Intention: The Nonphysical Currency of Our Physical Universe

In 1979, an aerospace scientist, Robert G. Jahn, who was then Dean of the Princeton University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science, founded PEAR, or Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research, where his team explored scientific study of consciousness-related physical phenomena.

Robert G. Jahn, PhD

PEAR was internationally renowned for its extensive study of the influence of the mind on physical reality. The enormous databases of information produced by PEAR provided unambiguous evidence that human Intention (thought and emotion) can produce measurable influences on physical reality through a series of experiments called Human-Machine Anomalies.

To conduct these experiments, human operators attempted to bias the output of a variety of mechanical, electronic, optical, acoustical, and fluid devices to conform to pre-stated intentions, without the human operators having any known physical influence on these systems (not physically touching anything). The results conclusively showed that the machines’ outputs varied in ways that could only be attributed to the consciousness of their human operators after controlling for any other variables in the output (temperature of the room, etc).

After 28 years of research, PEAR closed its doors in 2007, stating that they had accomplished what they had set out to do, namely to discover whether consciousness and human Intention could indeed alter physical reality. Their conclusion was that yes, these anomalies do exist, despite our limitations to describe them using our current model of physics. They have since passed the torch onto the next generation of inspired researchers who are attempting to uncover the physical principles which would describe these anomalies. Theorists of Quantum Physics have actually begun to unravel this mystery as our continued research at facilities like CERN uncover more and more every day about the foundations of our physical world.  With that, we now have the scientific basis to state that our thoughts do indeed alter physical reality.

The Transcendental Meditation Experiment Washington DC, 1993

One of my favorite examples of human Intention altering physical reality is that of an experiment conducted in 1993 in Washington DC. To conduct this experiment, 4,000 meditation participants assembled in DC from June through July, a time when area crime is typically at its highest. The hypothesis of this experiment was that the meditations of the group would significantly reduce the amount of violent crime in the area. A 27-member Project Review Board comprised of independent scientists and leading citizens approved the research protocol and monitored the research process.

During the experiment, the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department (DCMPD) provided weekly crime data from a database used for their FBI Uniform Crime Reports. The study statistically controlled for the effects of weather variables, daylight, historical crime trends and annual patterns, as well as trends in neighboring cities.

Analysis of the results showed that violent crimes did in fact drop significantly during the Demonstration Project. Additionally, the rates of crime even varied in correlation with increases in the size of the meditation group. The maximum decrease in crime peaked at 23.3%, coincident with the peak number of participants in the group during the final week of the assembly. Furthermore, no significant decreases in violent crimes were found during the same period in each of the five previous years, nor could the effect of the meditation group on reducing violent crimes be accounted for by additional police staffing.

This has astounding implications! If our minds are powerful enough to alter physical systems as large as the population of Washington DC, imagine what our minds are capable of when we are committed to altering our own bodies and our own immediate physical world…

The evidence is there, and while we utilize research facilities like CERN to uncover the physical mechanisms of the universe which can explain the question of how it works, we can still use this knowledge to enrich our own lives through the conscious choice of getting clear on what our Intention is really “saying”.  Think of it like this, if the universe is a computer, the physical principles of our universe are the motherboard of circuits in that computer, your Intention is the coding, and your physical reality is what displays on the screen.  If you know what you’re coding, you can create all sorts of things in your reality.  And the craziest part is, we are already doing this literally all the time.  The trick is to bring your Intention from running unconsciously in the background to consciously choosing what you want it to be coding into the universe around you.  It sounds trickier than it is, and it all comes back to the model of Be, Do, Have, discussed more in depth in my upcoming book, “Be. Do. Have.  A Crash Course in Reality and Creating the Life You Choose”.


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