The term Synchronicity was coined by Carl Jung in the 1920’s to describe “the co-incident of two or more events which are significant and meaningful to the experiencer, in which the events have no causal relationship.”

The Synchronicity Project was founded in 2013 by Melody A. Martin, a writer and alumnus of the University of Florida with a background in Physics, Astrophysics, and Philosophy.  TSP was created in order to explore the phenomenon of Synchronicity from those standpoints, and to serve as a collection of these explorations from a standpoint of individual accountability.

The purpose of The Synchronicity Project is to show the correlation between the arising of Synchronicity in one’s life and moments of breakthrough, or sudden awareness of a life lesson having been learned.  The materials here will aim to support you in stepping into your life fully, and embracing it as an opportunity to learn and grow through exercising  the power of Choice.